‘Donate Blood Out Of Compassion, Not Out Of  Compulsion!’


Yes, unfortunately this is the mentality of the youth of our country, one that is prevalent across all ages of people in our country. Most of us  have resolved to adopt the attitude of shunning the responsibility for ‘someone else’ -we ourselves not wanting to take the initiative. As a consequence of this negligence, everyone assumes that one person or the other will do it and ultimately nobody does it. It is not us who are affected, spare a thought to those who are in dire need of blood transfusions: those children who have been wounded, those mothers who while giving birth to a child require it. Is it the right attitude that we are adopting? When we reflect upon our choices on the hindsight, would you be able to say that you have no regrets, when you actually could affect the lives of so many!

As Gandhiji rightly said, ‘Be the change that you want to see in the world’ and it is about time we as the future of the nation change the existing norms and misconceptions that have been raised in the society due to whatsoever reasons. Most sections of the society consider blood donation to be a taboo of sorts, a situation which clearly illustrates the impact illiteracy has on the society. What can be done? Numerous things. For starters, we can raise awareness amongst our localities by actively participating in blood donation camps and other such activities thereby treading upon a path on which the masses hesitate to tread upon. Propagating this noble cause, via posters and arranging talks which list down the merits of blood donations to the masses who are unaware- thereby creating a positive stimuli- a blueprint that can be followed in the times to come.

Due to the lack of awareness in certain sections of the society, notions and misconceptions like – if women donate blood their fertility will decrease- have started making the rounds. Rumors that have no scientific backing to it are commonly being passed on to one another. We pride ourselves on being an emerging superpower, but do we actually deserve that title if we can’t cater to the basic need of good health of the citizens in our country? Have we forgotten the importance that every life holds and have we lost the feelings of fraternity and brotherhood- those terms which have become simply recital in today’s day and age? Removal of illiteracy and raising awareness of major social issues will go a long way in raising the standards of living in our country.

The grim reality is that the majority of us do not understand the critical role that blood banks play in saving the lives of those in dire need. In every hospital is situated a blood bank, (and if not, there will be a blood bank present within it’s vicinity) which when required, provides blood for transfusion to the patients who require it. Thus, essentially what happens is that due to this ‘reservoir’, we are now able to diminish the time it takes for the entire process of blood transfusion to take place, thereby increasing the chances of survival of the patient. The field of medicine has come such a long way, being the sole reason due to which these ‘miracles’ are possible.

I do not see any reason as to why we shouldn’t play our part in promoting such a noble cause and I urge you to participate in large numbers for the blood donation camps and other health camps.

‘Within a speck of time, everything he cared for was on the line,

Injuries and wounds indicating the vulnerability,

When no one came up to help the wounded,

It was he, who wanted to be the revolution.’



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