5  Unique Life Hacks That Will Benefit Your Lifestyle!

Sleeping that extra bit makes all the difference, doesn’t it?

I know that the title of the post does not make too much sense; the pun being that a ‘life hack’ essentially is a way that you’ve chosen to adopt that will make your life easier, the only question being how? Do you ever find yourself waking up to an uncanny feeling of how you wished that you didn’t have to go to work? Or you wished that you could sleep that extra five minutes, which honestly does not make a lot of sense after you already having completed 8 hours of sleep: want to laze around that extra bit, just so that you can ‘complete your sleep’.


This post puts together some of the more peculiar and unusual life hacks that you would not come across in your daily life or across the internet, for that matter not across any other source, which will change the way you live your life and gain that bit over the rest of your fellow members.

1.Sleeping in your next day’s attire:

If you want to sleep once you hit the snooze button, just for that extra bit, this hack may be very well applicable to you! Try sleeping with your paraphernalia ready and with the next day’s outfit on. A lot of time is wasted by us in terms of selecting the clothes that we need to wear from that overfilled wardrobe of ours, and the men will double up with me on that. First it’s the selection that takes time and then it’s that change of choice which adds insult to misery, eventually amounting up to you getting up way earlier than what’s required in order to be on time!

Unique, isn’t it?

It sure will save you time!

2. Buy the extra set of Boxers!

For those of you out there who are constantly on the move and have no time to manage your laundry, buy the extra sets of undergarments! This issue can be related by people who travel on a regular basis or simply are too lazy to their laundry (especially Indian men like me). We know the importance of the extra pair since the whole ‘undergarment issue’ quickly assumes paramount importance in our monotonous routines.

Buying the extra set of undies sure can go a long way in keeping your travels hassle free.

I sincerely hope you do not encounter such a problem!

3. Rolling your clothes to maximize the volume of your suitcase!


download (1)
Maximize Your Luggage Space!



To be honest it sure does sound a lot like an uncanny maths equation wherein you have to differentiate in order to maximize. However, this hack enables you to simply roll in order to maximize the volume in your suitcase and goes a long way in optimizing your travel luggage!




4. Collecting the change and the coins in the house:

We usually tend to neglect the coins in the house and these coins lie harmlessly all around the house. Maintaining a habit to collect these comes in handy, especially when it comes to the urgent change when you are in dire need of it. Also, you will be surprised at the amounts the pennies add up to!


5. ‘Muting’ the notification of group chats on social media:


download (2)
Social Media has sure become chaotic!


In today’s day and age, social media has become an indispensable part of our everyday life. The notification alerts of the various groups that one tends to be part of,creates uncalled for  distraction consequently leading to decreased attention spans.

This hack can go a long way in increasing and optimizing your work hours also can prolonging your attention spans.  



If you have any more of such interesting hacks, feel free to drop in your suggestions and comments below. The effectiveness of these hacks is purely based on the user and is subject to open discussions!



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