Blog Review!

The author of the blog has mentioned about the ‘burning’ of things in India. Unfortunately, this is very true justify all we may want; from garbage and trash to money by politicians. That is the image we portray of ourselves to the foreign world. The mentality that we have developed is nothing short of gruesome and we treat our country as if it were inferior to the others. The question is why is it that we do not value our neighborhood? Why do we not take care of our surroundings? The answer is nothing short of a revelation; yes, I would call it that because despite it being out there, blatantly visible to all, no one bothers to ponder about it. WE LEAVE IT FOR OTHERS TO DO, BECAUSE WE THINK THAT IT IS NOT OUR RESPONSIBILITY! And that is where, we as a country, lose the plot. We must start implementing policies and adopting measures wherein we can develop a more effective way of handling waste disposal and its management.

‘At the end of season, the field next to my house is completely lit on fire as they burn it completely to chars each year. I guess it gets the soil ready for another harvest. I’m not science geek, but know enough to know all the burning can’t be good in a country that has such pollution already.’

The author has mentioned this statement which leads to us to believe that our waste disposal techniques are not well implemented and are causing great grievances to the resident life of the people of our country. Also, it as shameful as it may sound, it is true that citizens have disregard for the ‘No Dumping Sites’ in our neighborhoods and these sites are overladen with garbage, more often than not. This in turn simply reflects our mindset and how negligent we are towards our environment.
Also, the author has mentioned how the excess left over food should be given to the poor, however, due to are negligence, we leave our food in plastic bags to be consumed by cows and other domestic animals, illustrating the plight of our country and the extreme levels of famish and hunger that is prevalent. The relevance of the topic chosen by the author and the awareness displayed by him is commendable, however the content that is given is not well compiled and lacks a level of maturity.

Do check out the blog via the link attached below!


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