Procrastination- Why Do We Do It?

Humans are hardwired of sorts to fall victim to this vicious activity, but have we thought enough about there being reasons as to why we so often do this? Procrastination in my opinion is not a one time thing to say the least, it is a conglomerate of reasons as to why one should do it, eventually turning out to be a habit driven by our subconscious mind. It inhibits our ability to rationally deduce algorithms with a view of the future; making us short-sighted.


The entire setup of the situation seems as though luring our minds into thinking that delay is the most beneficial option ( our rational minds analyzing various algorithms only keeping the near future in mind ) and after executing the whole ‘procrastinating solution’, everything does in fact seem wonderful until the so-called ‘delusional phase’ ends. At this point, the brain is agitated into a state of overdrive, trying desperately to find plausible solutions to the immediate problem at hand, say meeting a deadline.

Various complex named hormones are released into the bloodstream which tend to interfere with the normal physiological process and rational thinking, resulting in a state of perpetual confusion and chaos.

What is worse is that if you do somehow end up managing to meet the deadline, it is registered as a positive outcome to the given situation and it is highly likely that one will tend to follow a similar path of events for another demanding situation thus forming a habit which you do not want!

Although habits can be hard to break, disrupting the vicious cycle of procrastinating once, then procrastinating again and so forth, is possible if only we UNDERSTAND THE IMPORTANCE OF TIME!

So what are you waiting for? There are pending chores you ought to complete and places you have to be at!

To know more about procrastination and our mental response to the same, do check out the Ted Talk delivered by Tim Urban via the link given below:


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