4 Great Vegan Sources Of Protein!

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Animal Meat The Only Source Of Proteins?

It is often a misconception that the only sources of high amounts of protein can be obtained by the consumption of animal fats. However, as is the case with most misconceptions, this one too is a hoax and should not be entertained; at least after you have read this article. Spare out a couple of minutes from your schedules because this is going to revolutionize the way you know your protein!

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Proteins are essential nutrients that are required by the body for the repair and growth of tissues and muscles in our body respectively. On an average, 56 grams of proteins are required by the human male and 46 grams by their counterparts. To address the misconception, most people think that to obtain such high amounts of proteins in their diet can only be achieved by animal meats and products. To state facts, vegan sources of protein like tofu contain approximately 20 grams of protein per serving which, if not superseding, is comparable to the amounts a meal of chicken contains. Keeping the accessibility and availability of the sources, here is a list of vegan products that can bump up your protein intake and can help you achieve that toned abdominal region that you always aimed for!

1.) TOFU-

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Containing about 20 grams of protein per serving, this vegan ingredient is unlike any other. With the presence of minerals like calcium and iron, this wonder ingredient can be incorporated to any recipe since it has no particular taste of it’s own and readily absorbs that of the ingredients in which it is prepared. So, which dish are you planning to cook up?



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These can be used in a wide array of dishes ranging from soups and salads to the vegetables and the dahls that we cook at home. In addition to the 9 gram of proteins per cup, the fibres that it contains nourish the ‘good’ bacteria in the intestines thereby helping to maintain  a healthy gut. This source rich in manganese and iron has also been proven to reduce the likes of various heart diseases, diabetes, obesity and certain strands of cancer forming cells. Why wouldn’t one want to add this to their diet?




Legumes are a great source of proteins and other nutrients!

Legumes like Green Peas (8 gram of proteins per cup), Chickpeas (7 grams of protein per half cup) and Kidney Beans (13 grams of proteins per cup) are packed with proteins and also help to control sugar levels, thereby facilitating lower blood pressure levels and lower cholesterol levels. The antioxidants and fibers that they contain also help to maintain radiant skin and help in the process of weight loss: they taste great too when cooked up!



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Commonly referred to as ‘Non-Dairy Milk’, it contains up to 9 grams of protein per cup and is a great source of Vitamin D and B12 complex, thereby reducing the risk of conditions like arthritis and osteoporosis. Not only is it commonly found in supermarkets, it can easily be blended with a wide spectrum of cooking and baking recipes. Purchasing the organic (unsweetened) version of it can also help you reduce the sugar content in your diet.

I hope that after reading this post, any misconceptions that you had regarding protein sources and their intakes in your diet, are put to rest. With the newly gained knowledge, do pass it on among friends victimized by this misconception.

Let’s get ‘Tofu’ing! Shall we?


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