What Do You Want To Read?

Alright. Lets not beat around the bush. I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT like to read stuff which is outside my comfort zone, something that I have to work upon. And I held on to this thought and conducted a survey of sorts.

It’s results? Startling!

Most people preferred to read articles about which they had some sort of inclination towards and they absolutely rejected the idea of trying to indulge in topics that required relatively more attention, concentration or time span.  This got me to thinking, what is it that one actually wants to read about and how does the author decide as to whether his audience will be responsive towards a particular article or not.

That being the basis of my experiment, I started to write articles that spanned across various fields, like that of travel, photography, culture, science and so forth. And after a month or so of analyzing the responses, I came to a conclusion, which one may argue to be very preliminary and having no scientific backing.


Well, the articles that touched upon topics that were relevant to individuals in their day-to-day lives (‘Rule Of Thirds’ Or ‘The Phi Grid’- Photographic Compositions. ),were given a better response than those which involved topics that held a slightly more scientific approach.(Free Will: An Illusion?)

The articles that consisted of content based on travel (Scenes From Around The World!Unearthing Australia- The Gold Coast.‘Perks’ Of Traveling!), and food (Analyzing The Monocoque Structure: Egg!, Food Around The World!4 Great Vegan Sources Of Protein!), were given an overwhelming response.

Articles that were a tad lengthy or involved concepts that were relatively new to the audience (Religion: Middle Ground between Atheists and Agnostics.The World Is Not Monochromatic: It Is A Spectrum Of Grey!Cross-Cultural Interaction: Does It Come Naturally To You?) did not receive the kind of response that one expected from them.

All in all, the results were a mix bag which did not do me good, rather, they further agitated my urge of knowing what is the content that as a reader, you expect. If at all you do have any suggestions as to how I can improve my content and it’s effectiveness, do let me know, because at the end of the day, an author is nothing without his readers!


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