Nothing Is Fine If You Aren’t!

It was such a pleasant day – the rays of the gleamed through the clouds which were scattered across the blue backdrop. As I walked along the street, the wind gently kissed my cheeks almost enticing me and the cars whistled by in an orderly manner, much like the procession of ants that sequentially progress towards their destination.

Yes! That is how everything in our surroundings seems when we are in a good mood and are feeling perfect- things not being so poetic and pleasant otherwise. On the contrary, the same situation would be portrayed in the following manner.

The day couldn’t have started on a worse note- a headache and a runny nose all courtesy the flu, I headed out to the streets. The sun shone brightly, with temperatures soaring and the wind made the situation even worse. For no reason whatsoever, the cars passed by, honking their horns at no particular object, almost in a sense of ignorance. Yet I trudged along..

It’s fascinating to note how situations can take a head turn when you’re in a bad mood or something along the lines. If you have similar views and experiences that you would like to share, please feel free to do so.

As you all might have guessed, my perception of situations is along the latter way of narration!


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