Movie Review: Coco

In all honesty, I thought that the movie will be like most animated movies, one that has the traditional storyline with a princess in trouble and eventually things falling perfectly in place for her. Thus, I was a little hesitant to go along with my younger sister. Mind you, she was as excited as could be and the first scene really cranked it up for her.

The movie starts with Pixar incorporating the theme of Christmas into a jig comprising of the well know Princess Elsa. For those of you who aren’t well versed with Disney’s scheme of things, Elsa is a well known character for an even more well know movie called, ‘Frozen’. It is an adequate mix of emotions and playfulness, all tied together to form a musical jig which is enjoyable to say the least. But boy, what followed was worth the wait!

The movie is based on a young Mexican boy named Miguel and his endless pursuit to become a musician. Due to certain family problems, the young boy’s family prevent him from following his dream which is when he decides to revolt and take matters into his own hands. The entire journey as to how Miguel runs away from his family because he thinks they’re trying to hold him back, until when he realises it was for his own sake, is beautifully portrayed via various characters like Coco, Hector, Dante, De La Cruz and so forth.

Trying to reveal any more to you would be like spoiling the entire experience for you, but one thing is for certain, all throughout the 130 odd minutes, one is bound to be in a state of constant musing, pondering about the status of their current relationships and whether or not they’re approaching it in the right way.

All in all, it was one of the finest animated movies by Pixar and the delivery and portrayal of the message via Miguel was beryl aptly done. If you have some sort of vacancies in your schedules or if your kids insist on watching the movie, please do accompany them as it will surely be worth your time!


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