Reminiscing The Year!

Our friend here lacks the confidence she needs to pursue her passion for writing and perhaps this could be a start of great things to come. Here is a glimpse of her works and do appreciate our aspiring writer here!

With the rising and setting sun rays,

How beautiful have been these days,

Happiness and joy, love and laughter,

Though punched at times by the Universal crafter,

Each moment that faded into oblivion,

Unfolded awe, in ways a million.

Surely I lost, but more I found,

Getting up even stronger after the letdowns.

Making errors and taking choices,

That have given me a lot to rejoice,

The patchy year, where I did blow up,

Has been a wonderful one for I did grow up!

Surbhi Goel.


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  1. priya negi says:

    Oh that was incredible surbhi! I am very pleasantly surprised to discover this side of yours. You truly are multifaceted. The beauty of this piece lies in its simplicity and honesty. Very unpretentious…It seems to be coming straight from the core and I loved every bit of it…to the extent that it rekindled my long lost love for writing ! and certainly you should pursue writing further….cmon…be fearless and give wings to your passion….I want to see you soar! Much love…..😊

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    1. Dhawal Pagay says:

      Thank you for your kind words 🙂

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  2. Harsh says:

    In my view this poem conveys one and only one thing and that is hope. Things are so beautifully discribed and well crafted that it doesn’t matter how many times I read it I get the same amount of joy and happiness. A great work indeed. 😁


    1. Dhawal Pagay says:

      Thank you for your kind words, 🙂


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