Bidding Adieu To Farewell?

‘Why do I say goodbye, 

even when all I yearn is to see you again, 

yet, however much I try, 

all my efforts go in vain, 

when it is time to say goodbye.’


There is something about farewells which does not resonate with me and one thought really drives me to ponder; why do we make such a big deal about saying goodbye? As social beings, we are hardwired in such a way that we do get emotionally attached to people and when it is time for them to leave, we do not accept that gracefully and try to fight the reality. As Shakespeare famously said, ‘All The Worlds A Stage And We Merely Actors Playing Our Parts’, why don’t we try and develop an outlook on life with that view point which will ultimately benefit our social lives a whole lot more? Departure of important people in our lives plunges us into depression, to cope with which we fall upon perilous and intoxicating aids like alcohol and drugs, hence adding to my argument.

What exactly do we mean by the word ‘Farewell’ in today’s times? It simply has reduced to a futile exercise in which both the host and the guest engage in pleasantries which are more often than not, staged, rather than being genuine in their gestures. Why don’t we fall back upon the meaning of the compound word and the purpose for its creation, to summon good luck to the person who is departing.

The concept which is propagated by the Chinese culture as the ‘Infinite Circle Of Life’, which preaches the continuity of the world. Incorporating this outlook of life in our lifestyles within which new beginnings are such an integral part, will only elevate our emotional stability and our sense of satisfaction with our lives.

So lets harness the adrenaline which the new year has brought to our lives, rather than cribbing about the mistakes we’ve committed, let us focus upon meeting targets rather than making failed resolutions, let us learn and grow from the mistakes we make rather than regret the chances we never took and let us love as if our very existence depended on it.


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