Blog Review: “Charming Cadaques: Dali’s dreamy summertime town”

Name of the blog: A Luxury Travel Blog
Author of the blog: Jackie de Burca


Cadaques fishing boats
Typical sea accessibility adds to the charm to the town

The blog starts off on a very historical note, illustrating the adventures and the time of Salvador Dali in the streets of the seaside town of Cadaques. The author discusses as to how once the town was only accessible by the sea after which followed the other media of transportation.


Cadaques seaside natureThe town in addition to being picturesque, produces ingredients that are fresh and fragrant, with the staple diet of the people being comprised of mainly seafood. The author goes on to describe the various other aspects and features of this bohemian seaside town with whitewashed buildings and cobbled streets used to aesthetically please the visitor.


Cadaques street
The whitewashed houses and cobbled streets of the town.


The blogs draws close with the author giving guidelines for the way to access this seaside town via road and also air. The uniqueness of the location and it’s vivid description adds to the overall impact of the blog with beautifully documented


pictures that do justice to the picturesque location of Cadaques.










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