Unearthing Australia- The Gold Coast.

A stretch of shoreline stretching for about 50 kilometers from the town of Coolangatta (which borders Queensland and New South Wales), this area of Australia is virtually unknown to many, including myself. But I say this based on experience and no bias, IT IS AN ABSOLUTE VISUAL BLISS!

Surfer’s Paradise-Gold Coast.

The suburbs of Southbeach Band, Surfer’s Paradise and Southport (typically a business center), form the major highlights of the Gold Coast hosting a population of about 600,000 people. With the 2018 Commonwealth Games seeing the Gold Coast as one of the host cities, it need not be said that the popularity of this picturesque town will only rise!


If you do manage to somehow get enough of the exquisite beaches, which is highly unlikely, there are other attractions around town that one must explore and if you happen to be touristing with your family, you will be forced to engage yourselves in these activities!


The Manor, Tambourine Mountain.

These mountains being formed as a result of volcanic activity: the ‘shallow crater’ type volcano which leads to the formation of a plateau with steep slopes and roads that even out gradually. With 4 major roads traversing these mountains – 2 on each of the Western and Eastern Front, these mountains provide a picturesque view of the shoreline. If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this is a MUST VISIT!

O’ Reilly’s Retreat, Tambourine Mountain.

Also, while you’re at it, I’ll leave with you a little exercise: do inquire about the O’Reilly’s and their significance in the locality.

The view of the shoreline of the Gold Coast.


With the backing of the Warner Bros production house, ‘Movie World’ is a theme park worth every bit of its reputation. If you have kids on board, this place is an absolute paradise with themes of the favorite superheroes and thrilling rides, it is an experience one will not forget in a hurry.

The rides!



While at the Tambourine Mountains, do visit the ‘Tambourine National Park’ and venture into the Eucalyptus forests of the Gold Coast. The elements of nature that one witnesses are truly a spectacle and be on the lookout for these!

1.) ‘TRAPDOOR SPIDERS’– These spiders getting their name for the uncanny nests that they build in order to defend themselves from predators and even nosy humans!

Trapdoor Spider Nest.

2.) ‘WHITE EUCALYPTUS‘- During the seasons of shedding, this tree sheds it bark to reveal a surface which is in great contrast with its bark. It is locally referred to as the ‘Flooded Gum’ due this contrast in color.

White Eucalyptus.

3.) ‘STRANGLER FIG TREE‘- As the name suggests, this parasitic tree wraps around its host and derives its nutrition. In the course of time, these trees can acquire complex geometries due to their branching nature.

Strangler Fig Tree.

4.) ‘SCRUB TURKEYS‘- This elusive species of turkey is iconic for the nest it rattles up, a pile of leaves and dust.

Scrub Turkey’s Nest.

5.) ‘BLACK BEAN‘- This tree was harnessed widely by the Aborigines; the seeds being edible while the hardwood being durable used to make weapons and furniture.

The pod of the Black Bean.

To sum up, if you do happen to visit Australia, in addition to visiting the major cities of Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, do allocate some dates to visit the Gold Coast and be mesmerized by its sheer beauty. If ever there were a heaven on Earth, the Gold Coast it shall be.


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