Is being ‘Average’ really the new mantra going forward?

In a few articles that I recently came across, there was a study which showed that most of the millennials have now started adopting an ideology in which they strive to be average, rather than fore-runners in their respective fields.

Like the most of us, you too may fall under a bracket which has no particularly strong opinions about either suggestion, your argument being that you do not know which category you can be classified under. But this recent article has forced us to rethink our outlook and perception of our lives.

To visit the article in discussion, click on the link I have provided below:

Personally, being an avid sportsperson, I am competitive by nature and driving for success comes instinctively to me. But if I take a step back and try to view the entire situation in totality, it sure can be hard to handle. The numerous pressures that come with being competitive have led to the succumbing of so many. In that particular context, yes being average allows one to be more lenient with themselves and may prove to be lucrative to many when viewed with the near future in mind.

Another section of people can argue that this mentality of the youth of our generation will lead to the stagnation of our society in comparison to the exponential progress made right through the advent of the industrial revolution up to the 20th century. With fewer goal-driven individuals in the various sectors, the healthy competition that is required to nurture the development and provides an ingress for new technological inventions will soon be lost. The killer instinct that is inbuilt within us as human beings, will slowly diminish due to the complacency and mediocrity all around. After all, the existence of the human civilization or for that matter any species on Earth is simply the survival of the fittest, the one that is the most adaptable to the prevalent conditions.

The result; the generation would be not only be perceived as complacent but would also not progress as much as was extrapolated by analysts and scientists based on that made by the previous generations.

Quality of life is one of the foremost requirements that a human aspires for and reverting to this ideology and lifestyle would lead to a more fulfilled and content lifestyle pattern. One would be relieved from all the undue stress in today’s times and as a whole, one would be happier, in the loose definition of the word. However, after a certain amount of time, one would be stressed out with the fact that there are no stress generators in one’s life; there are no goals to work upon and no aspirations to meet. The sheer meaning of life would now be reduced to being a physiological process.

Would that be the solution or a more complex problem that arose due to our misconception of the previous problem at hand? The validity and the plausibility of the idea I leave up to you, only after I try and make you more equipped with the decision you choose to make.


Please feel free to drop in your comments and opinions.




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