Social Experiment- Picaption!

A picture in itself conveys a story to its viewer. But is it necessary that the most iconic of pictures convey the same set of emotions to all its viewers?

This very thought led me to try a social experiment. Would a particular photograph act as the stimulus to a similar set of reactions in others, in comparison to that experienced by myself? And if there is a variation, how will it affect the view points of all the others who are engaged in the same activity.

The rules are simple. You just have to comment a possible caption for either of the photographs. If yours is the one that is most appreciated by our fellow audience, the result will be straightforward- your words have somehow resonated with most people thus making you a “socially influential person”.

The incentives to those of you who aren’t active bloggers? Well, it’s no harm indulging yourself in this activity. After all, it’ll be beneficial for all those social media posts that you’ll be posting.

Let’s Picaption!

Photograph 1-

Putting the world into perspective from a different vista- why should we view things the way that they are meant to be?

Photograph 2-

Arches tend to create planes in the fabric of space, intricately carving out places of aesthetic beauty. Why would we see them as otherwise?

Photograph 3-

The visual contrast between the elements of nature and humans have always been on display, yet they co-exist so harmoniously together, a symbiotic relationship of sorts.

Photograph 4-

The vast spectrum of cultures all so different in their ideology when looked upon meticulously, yet in a broader scheme of things they all are causeways to a common destination.

If you have any feedbacks as to how I can refine this experiment, do reach out to me and let me know in the comments below.

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