‘The Only Thing I Like Better Than Talking About Food Is Eating’

– John Walters

The same philosophy applies to me also which is why I am probably doing the second best thing. A good plate of food is something that will cheer you up regardless of the situation- be it a breakup, a stressful day at work and even a romantic date, it is a key ingredient to a more fulfilling life and I mean that literally.

This may be a genetic blessing, but even after devouring into savory dishes relentlessly, somehow it does not reflect on the weighing scale. How is that beneficial? Firstly, I can eat to my heart’s content without constantly worrying about the calories I intake. Secondly, life is too short to not try out various dishes just because you have to stick to that diet of yours. A little variation from the monotony is always welcome and after all, if you are that concerned about your calorie consumption, you could always work a little harder the next day. That extra bit could be taking the stairs instead of the elevator, walking to work rather than driving and so forth. To sum up my argument, all I am trying to imply is that you can always find a way to compensate for the calories even if you are someone who does not regularly visit the gym.

While on holidays, this sort of thing always happens to me, I cannot control the sudden urge I have to try the new cuisine of wherever we happen to visit. The whole sense of ‘freedom’ that you are experienced to, is refreshing, to say the least. Not only does it rejuvenate your palate, it also adds another dimension to your personality. (If you haven’t already read my other article, do check it out via the link I have mentioned below. Food: A Conversation ‘Starter’?)

Do you agree with the same? Even if you don’t, enjoy the pictures of below. Also, here’s wishing you all the Indians out there, a very Happy Independence Day!
Chicken Filled With Feta Cheese And Sun-Dried Tomatoes.




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  1. The food looks really good:) I’m a new blogger, so would love if you checked it out!

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    1. Dhawal Pagay says:

      Thank you so much! Would love to collaborate with you if possible 🙂

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      1. That sounds good!


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