DeathNote- Anime Review

If you ask an anime fan,  said to be supposedly one of the best animes they can think of, DeathNote is a series that sure doesn’t disappoint. Before we proceed, I think it is necessary for me to specifically point this out- prior to watching this anime, I was inclined to other genres of entertainment like movies or some TV series, but DeathNote surely put an end to that trend. The whole aura that the characters collectively create in the show, leaves the viewer wanting for more. The sheer urgency to know the progression of events will mean that the probability of you viewing the show in minimal sittings is very likely.

PS: Do not binge watch on weekdays. You will surely mess up your sleeping patterns and not attend your classes. Trust me, you wouldn’t want to get caught up in that algorithm- it most certainly ends up badly.

The USP of the show is that the plot of the story is very character oriented, which means that the viewer will feel a certain sense of attachment to the characters. If you haven’t already watched it, DeathNote is a show that you just cannot afford to miss. Backed by amazing soundtracks and the story taking wild turns just when you least expect it, I am sure that you will be more sympathetic to the world of animes.

Yagami Light (‘Kira’) and Ryuuk (‘Shinigami’)


It is based on the existence of another dimension that exists simultaneously with our reality, both being governed by a certain set of rules. This otherworldly dimension is habituated by mystical beings called,’Shinigami’, which when translated into English is ‘ DeathGod’. In the Shinigami’s possession is a book (or a DeathNote), within which when names are written, they eventually cease to exist based on a certain set of rules which are defined in the book.

Out of boredom, one of the Shinigami named ‘Ryuuk’ drops his DeathNote into the human world, so as to be entertained. The book happens to fall into the possession of a young teenager named,’Yagami Light’ whose strong sense of justice and moral conscience sees him eradicate criminals via this newly acquired power- thus becoming a self-proclaimed system of justice. These sudden deaths of the numerous criminals do not go unnoticed by the police of Japan and of that all around the world. The citizens of Japan, however, are pleased to see these executions and name this phenomenon to be the doing of ‘Kira’ ( which translates to ‘Death’ ). The police are however enraged by the individual who has decided to take matters into his own hands and decide that some course of action must be taken.

Since the police have no leads as to who the culprit may be, they decide to gather with the many officials of the different parts of the world so as to come to a common conclusion- whether or not this is a punishable act and if it is, how should they go about killing this anonymous man.

For this exact purpose, the character of L is introduced as this ‘Sherlock Holmesesque’ detective, whose reputation precedes his identity in the investigative world. With the help of his brilliant deductive skills, he starts to suspect Yagami to be Kira and then begins a battle of the wits.

The brilliant ‘L’

So, in order to obtain some conclusive proofs of the same, L befriends Yagami. With intense scenes and interactions between the two, their synergy on the screen will leave the viewer in awe.

To know how the story unfolds, you’ll have to watch the entire anime but there is one thing I can guarantee you off, the plot will leave you hanging off the edge, at all times desperate to know which the way the tide will turn- will Kira have his way and create a world in which his decision is the only way or will L be able to stop Yagami’s wrath and restore a sense of stability in the world?

I would love to go through the entire list of characters that are introduced at various points throughout the show but that would simply lead to letting out spoilers for those who haven’t already watched and intend to do so.


So? Is DeathNote worth the hype? According to me, the hype is well and truly justified. To come up with a fictional concept and integrate it so masterfully within the fabric of reality is quite remarkable. The development of characters will leave you in awe of their personality and the show will be in your subconscious at all times. All in all, if you have time to spare and aren’t already committed to watching any sort of TV show, this is a MUST WATCH!

The funny thing is, prior to the recommendation given to me by my friend, I was hesitant about the show and its genre- after all I’m an adult and should be outgrown for it. However, that did not happen and I was hooked right from the onset. Do share your views if you have watched it!

Here is a sneak peak of the show-


Where can you watch it? Here are a links of a few places where you can either watch it online or can even download it-

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