Blog Review: Cuba’s Golden Triangle

The blog essentially comprises the major cities around Cuba that complement it, forming a prerequisite while traveling to the Caribbean. The author states that the city of Havana, with its colonial architecture, will be the dominating factor on every traveler’s itinerary, with the areas of Havana Vedado, Havana Miramar, and Havana Centro drawing all the tourists.

To visit the original blogsite of the post, click on the link that I have provided below:

The blog progresses to the city of Trinidad which is a UNESCO heritage site, making for a cultural excursion, offering a more rural experience and connecting more on a local scale.
The blog draws to a close with the author describing the city of Gienfugos, which is home to one of the most impressive forts in the world, drawing the attention of the reader.
Although the author informs the reader about the various new cities around Cuba, the content of the blog in the context of the topic is inadequate, thereby missing out on the editorial front. Photographs add a new dynamic to the blog and therefore gives the blog some substance.

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