Breakfast: A Cultural Symbol?

In the little that I have traveled, the one striking feature that I have come across is the culinary culture. Food in a sense is a reflection of the societal progress and development of an area akin to architecture being a reflection of economic prosperity in the area.

Breakfast is that aspect of any cultures construct, that is most essential, reflecting the overall palate of ingredients and preparation techniques in practice. Even the lifestyles of many can be deduced by analysing the nature of breakfast that the individual has.

On my travels to Greece, having bacon and bread, accompanied by a juice (and eggs of course) perpetually made me realise how acclimatised I was to the culture back at home. The ‘Rotis’ and the ‘Pohas’ were something I craved for during the first few days of my travels. However, as time progressed, I soon found the concept of these breakfasts very relishing and fulfilling. Within a matter of 10 days, I was in the process of cultural assimilation almost unknowingly.


Spice dominates the natural flavour in Indian cuisine

Back home in India, ‘masalas and spices’ are the predominant feature of the culinary palate, the very aroma is fulfilling for the hungry stomachs. A further segregation of both culture and dishes are seen as we traverse from southwards; ‘Chola Bhaturas’ and ‘Butter Chicken’ to that of ‘Idlis’ and ‘Fish Curry’. Various dishes have been associated with the geographical character of the area and vice versa.

Sandwiches or rather bread, in general, is essential in the Indian scheme of things when it comes to a filling breakfast. Coupled with a fruit and some milk, a typical breakfast of the middle-class background is accounted for.

‘Chola Bhatura’- A delicacy in Northern India



Although the overall composition of breakfasts in the West remains the same, however, their presentation varies greatly with that of ours back home. These are the pictures of the breakfasts that I had during my travels to Greece, a stark difference from that back at home.

Breakfast at ‘Alonistra Oia Houses’- Santorini.
Breakfast at The White Hotel- Milos.
Breakfast at Iliada Vilas- Naxos.
Breakfast at Casa Di Roma, Paros.

The change was a welcome when as my breakfast diet in general has become more nutritional and fulfilling, enabling me to have a positive and energetic start to the day!

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