Blog Review:’25 free things to do in Dubai’

Traveling to Dubai is always considered to be one wherein expenses occurred will overweigh the entire experience of the journey. The author rightly corrects our misconceptions about the above mentioned and describes an array of activities that one can indulge in, while in the city.

To visit the original blogsite of the post, click on the link that I have provided below:

The blog starts off a note of outlining the cultural and engineering marvels that Dubai has to offer and it discusses the various activities that a visitor should witness whilst in the city. The blog is essentially an account of the various activities that the visitor must perform whilst in Dubai.
Activities like exploring the old quarters in Al Bastakiya, visiting the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding, the Burj Khalifa Lake, witnessing art in the Majlis Gallery are some of the activities that the author has recommended for a visitor.
Towards the end of the blog, the author mentions various other activities like camel racing, the horse races at the Dubai Polo Club, only to name a few thereby giving a detailed ‘To-Do-List’ for the visitor when visiting Dubai.
The author has provided a very detailed and elaborate list of the various activities thereby making the blog very rich in content. Also, photographs add to the overall feeling of experiencing the activities, thereby making the blog a well drafted one.

Here are the links to videos that provide you details as to how you can formulate an itinerary while visiting Dubai:


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