PUBG: An Unhealthy Obsession?

Player Unknown’s Battleground- that’s what the abbreviation stands for. For the past couple of months, this online multiplayer game has spread like wildfire amongst the youth of our country, boy it sure has caught on. But what are the features that make the game so addicting and why has it become an obsession of the youth? Read on to know more, this coming from a former addict himself.

  • Chicken Dinners:

The developers of the game have come up with a catchy lingo in lieu of victory in the game- ‘Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner’. The phrase has become a household anecdote in the dictionary of the player and trying to win at least one so-called ‘chicken dinner’ ends up in the player indulging in numerous games.

  • Online Gameplay:

The formula to success for a video game is to make it available on an online domain so that multiple players can indulge in gameplay at the same time.

PUBG also allows for your friends and you to pair up in teams of two or four ( you can also play individually ) and thus when so many of your friends insist you to join their ‘squad’, seldom does anyone say NO. Another unique aspect of the game includes that of voice chat. While in a team, you can interact, discuss and talk with the members of your team, in this case, your friends. What this means is that your friends and you do not have to be physically present in the same room and yet you can have a great time together while playing this game.

  • Availability of internet and mobile phones:

In the year 2018, both the Internet and mobile phones have become common commodities and is available to the majority of the youth. What this means is that you no longer have to gather together in a cyber cafe to play a game like ‘Counter-Strike’ rather, all your friends can be assembled in a team from wherever they are and everyone can play simultaneously.

  • Uniqueness of the game:

Rewind a few years in time and popular games that were available on the Play Store included games like ‘Clash Of Clans, Subway Surfers and Temple Run’. The monotonous looping nature of these games meant that users soon got over it and there wasn’t any real incentive to play the game anymore.

The introduction of PUBG as a mobile game has in many ways revolutionised the way in which we now perceive games as compared to the ones in use earlier. The idea of trying to survive amidst a group of 100 random players on an island with a play zone that forces players to confront each other is surely a unique idea that hadn’t been brought forward at least on a mobile game level.

It is safe to say that PUBG is the raging trend sweeping across the nation, catching the imaginations of people of all age groups, people from all walks of life. Definitely an unhealthy obsession; probably that’s what adds a certain sense of addiction to this trending game.

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