Should Gambling Be Legalised In India?

One care argue that the Mahabharata was a result of a rushed decision by the Pandavas and has for centuries biased our thinking of the same. Considered an ‘ill-trait’ in our society, gambling has been illegal in India and should it be so?

Much like other sports, online betting can be made legal in India if proper measures are taken and profitable, if a proper structure is followed.

To ensure the authenticity and financial position of an individual, a prior asset check should be ensured on amounts exceeding a certain threshold amount; something that will allow for people who have an excess to indulge in the sport.

Another prevalent issue is that of smuggling and other unfairly means to earn money, the means of which are more often than not by gambling or ‘satta’, as referred to by the locals. Therefore, legalising the whole process could lead to a positive effect in the country’s economy with liquid assets solidifying the same.

Physical presence brings with it factors like peer pressure, social pressures amongst others, the former ultimately resulting in an individual making rash and irrational decisions. However, it is still a common practice in the lower classes of the society where issues like illiteracy, overpopulation and a lack of rational thinking, need to be addressed prior to other decisions.

Therefore, in order for the betterment of our society, a wholistic decision, keeping in mind the pros and cons of gambling, should be taken by the government my opinion being that it should be legalised, a personal discretion and judgement being the only parameter that should be in play.

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