Building Self-Discipline In 14 Days

The worst thing you can do is to put off living your life until tomorrow. 
Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

Out of the many lessons that 2020 has brought, the major takeaway post the pandemic is the importance of self-discipline in times of distress. People in all stages of life were affected- graduating students looking for prospective jobs, existing employees being furloughn from work, families being forced to isolate from each other and peopled trying to adjust to the work-from-home regime. 

If you haven’t already experienced it, a virtual mode of communication can get exhausting when it becomes a daily chore. It is now more than ever that we need to discipline ourselves, and fast!

Self-discipline is about controlling your desires and impulses while staying focused on what needs to get done to achieve your goal. 

-Adam Sicinski

The 14- Day ‘WOOP’ Regime :

The most effective way to cultivate a habit is to form a routine for yourself. Be it an attempt to adopt to exercise, meditate, develop a reading habit or learn a new skill, subconscious cues work wonders. 

This is where the WOOP process comes in. 

W- Wish 

O- Outcome 

O- Obstacle

P- Plan

That’s it. Its that easy! Mind you, consistency is the key. Having applied these concepts myself, I can vouch for its effectiveness if done right. 

Wish (W)

Essentially, the first step to establishing a habit is to realise what you want to incorporate in your life. It can be something like getting more exercise, or practising yoga or, getting good grades in your academics or, to sustain a long and fruitful relationship with your partner. Whatever be your aim, you need to isolate it from all the clutter and focus on visualising it.

Try and describe the details that are associated to it- how will you feel, where will you be, who are the people that are going to be associated to it. The more vivid your imagination, the stronger the connect in trying to achieve it. 

Outcome (O)

This is a continuation of the visualization of your goal. Try and channel your emotions into you would feel when you achieve the goal, will you be happier, healthier, richer or more content? Visualize the influx of positivity in your life and how you crave for it. 

Again, this is important to make you realise what its worth- why you should undergo the rewirement process. 

Obstacle (O)

Once your wish and outcome are visualized, try and consider ALL the possible obstacles you may face. Categorize these based on their likelihood of their occurrence. 
List all of them down if you feel the need to. This will require you to implore and self-analyze, establishing a deeper connect with yourself. 

If you’re not your own severest critic, you are your own worst enemy. 

-Jay Maisel

Plan (P)

Now comes the most critical part of the rewirement, drawing out a plan based on all of the above. Since you are best aware of your shortcomings and strenths, you can best formulate a plan that will not only play to your strengths, but will also help you achieve your goal. 

Make sure that you formulate the plan according to yourself cause once it is, consider it your gospel for the next 14 days. 

Congratulations! If you have made it this far, the first step towards a more-disciplined version of you is complete. But the journey is far from complete. 

14 days or 2 weeks, thats how long you have to stick with the plan, YOUR plan. On an average, that is how long it takes to establish a habit and that is what self-discipline boils down to- continuity. 

The 15th Day

Your goal is no longer a goal, it has become a part of your reality. You no longer have to think about executing your plan, it has now been ingrained in your subconscious. 

On to the next goal!

Please feel free to drop in your comments if you have any queries regarding the WOOP process and more importantly, do share the word around once you’ve witnessed the magic for yourself. 


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