Why Having A Backup Plan May Not Always Be The Best Plan

Photo by Kaleidico on Unsplash

Being risk-averse individuals, everyone has a back-up plan. And that seems to be the obvious play, right? But I feel that this safe-net prevents us from whole-heartedly going after our goals and ambitions. Hear me out. 

Backup Plans Are Just Distractions

Why do we need a backup plan? It is to hedge our future in the possibility that things go south while pursuing our Plan A, right? But doesn’t this mean that a small percentage of our cognitive power is being directed towards this ‘distraction’? The stronger the urge to come up with a backup plan, the stronger is the fear of failing and inevitably it is this fear that prevents us from achieving our goals. 

It is good to be cautious but if you want to reap the big rewards, you’ll have to take on the risk that comes with it. You have to learn to deal with yeh ‘What if I fail’ question that pops up in your subconscious mind every time you encounter the slightest of obstacles. 

Life Offers No Free Lunches 

The people who have risen to tremendous positions in their fields have one thing in common- they were not afraid of failing and they pursued their goal relentlessly. Top sportsmen never questioned themselves about what they would do if they could not make it to the top. They just put in the workday after day, week after week, year after year until it became obvious that they would be the best in their field. And that kind of dedication is exactly what is required to achieve the biggest of goals. 

Myself included, we are part of the majority of people who want to emulate the achievements of these people, but are unwilling to take on the risks that are required- to put in your all while you’re at it. Mediocrity as a trait may make you successful in today’s world, but if you really want to be at the top, you have to be willing to take on the risk. After all, there are no free lunches in life. 


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