Should Gambling Be Legalised In India?

One care argue that the Mahabharata was a result of a rushed decision by the Pandavas and has for centuries biased our thinking of the same. Read on to find out more! Continue reading Should Gambling Be Legalised In India?

A Foodies Handbook: Edition Turkey!

The Bosphorus divides Turkey into two halves; the European side and the Asian side. Both have distinct characteristics in terms of architecture, landscaping and cultural traits but their food is that cohesive element that holds the country together.
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Duration: 83 minutes IMDB Rating: 7.7 Released: 2013 Genre: Documentary, Biography, Drama Directed By: John Maloof, Charlie Siskel Source In today’s day and age, professional photography has become a full fledged profession. Fields such as street photography and travel photography, which are essentially subsets of the former, have not only gained emphasis but also a substantial increase in the niche audience. The year 2013 saw the production of a documentary that shed light on the works of Vivian Maier. A nanny by profession, Vivian was an avid photographer but the brevity of her works was unknown to those around her- … Continue reading F I N D I N G V I V I A N

Movie Review- ‘Whiplash’

Gripping? Exhilarating? One will be at a loss of words to describe the feeling they experience after watching the 2014 release, ‘Whiplash’. All the positive comments and feedback that you may have previously heard about this movie are all true and the movie lives up to its nomination for the ‘Best Film’ at the 87th Academy Annual Awards, 2014. Continue reading Movie Review- ‘Whiplash’

PUBG: An Unhealthy Obsession?

Player Unknown’s Battleground- that’s what the abbreviation stands for. For the past couple of months, this online multiplayer game has spread like wildfire amongst the youth of our country, boy it sure has caught on. But what are the features that make the game so addicting and why has it become an obsession of the youth? Read on to know more, this coming from a former addict himself. Chicken Dinners: The developers of the game have come up with a catchy lingo in lieu of victory in the game- ‘Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner’. The phrase has become a household anecdote … Continue reading PUBG: An Unhealthy Obsession?