The Temple Architecture Of Bishnupur, West Bengal.

Located in West Bengal, Bishnupur is a village which is rich in terms of temple architecture and has been documented extensively by historians, architects as well as archeologists. This village in the Bankura District has numerous temples scattered all across it, terracotta being the main component of building construction.

Scenes From Around The World!

A picture speaks a thousand words, none more true by those accumulated from all around the world. The contrast in the cultures, economies, social conditions and the cultural life from around the world, is all too visible via these pictures. Can you guess some of the places these photographs have captured?

Just Greeking- Day 2!

About 6.5 km stretch of land with a depth of 26m at its minimum, the Corinth Canal is a famous tourist destination located outside the city of Athens. This man-made canal connects the Saracean part of the Sea to that of the Aegean Sea.

Unearthing Australia- The Gold Coast.

A stretch of shoreline stretching for about 50 kilometers from the town of Coolangatta (which borders Queensland and New South Wales), this area of Australia is virtually unknown to many, including myself. But I say this based on experience and no bias, IT IS AN ABSOLUTE VISUAL BLISS! The suburbs of Southbeach Band, Surfer’s Paradise…

Life Of An Architecture Student at IIT Roorkee.

25th July, 2016. What is so special about this date? This day marked the advent of something beautiful for all of us. Filled with emotions of pride of being admitted to an ‘IIT’,we felt a certain sense of anxiety as to what our beloved branch had in store for us. Trying to overcome these feelings,…

Analyzing The Monocoque Structure: Egg!

The fancy term in the heading simply translates to a reference to any structural system that has a distribution of load from the various surfaces in such a way that the outermost skin bears the load. In terms of it being a term used in architecture, the outermost skin of the building or the facade…

Vienna- Austria’s Imperial Capital!

Famous for it’s exquisite palaces of the Gothic era and it’s romanticized cobbled streets and cozy coffee houses, Vienna is more picturesque than you could ever imagine. The city famous for it’s musical pedigree, the likes of Ludwig van Beethoven and Mozart being inspired by this mystical city. If you ever do find yourself in…