Blog Review: Cuba’s Golden Triangle

The blog essentially comprises the major cities around Cuba that complement it, forming a prerequisite while traveling to the Caribbean. The author states that the city of Havana, with its colonial architecture, will be the dominating factor on every traveler’s itinerary, with the areas of Havana Vedado, Havana Miramar, and Havana Centro drawing all the…

Blog Review:’ 3 Malaysian hotspot for vegans’

The blog is essentially an account of the spots where a visitor can travel if he/she wants to savor vegan food in a country like Malaysia, which is famous for its exquisite seafood and Thai food. The blog starts off by describing the island of Langkawi and how in addition to being a picturesque location,…

Blog Review:’Top 10 hikes in Peru’

The blog consists of an account of the various hikes and treks in Peru and describes how the scenic views and hot springs that one encounters on the way, make the trek very popular. Read on to find out more!

Studying abroad!

Get an insight as to the skill set you develop while studying abroad. Also, the ‘Do’s and Dont’s’!

5  Unique Life Hacks That Will Benefit Your Lifestyle!

I know that the title of the post does not make too much sense; the pun being that a ‘life hack’ essentially is a way that you’ve chosen to adopt that will make your life easier, the only question being how? Do you ever find yourself waking up to an uncanny feeling of how you…