Blog Review:’Top 10 hikes in Peru’

The blog consists of an account of the various hikes and treks in Peru and describes how the scenic views and hot springs that one encounters on the way, make the trek very popular. Read on to find out more!

Unearthing Australia- Melbourne!

We all love a good Aussie beer and couple that with rugby, bliss. Australia in general is known for natural phenomena like the Great Barrier Reef, a conglomerate of coral which have deposited themselves layer by layer for centuries, reflecting the turbulent past of our planet. Tourist attractions like the Opera House in Sydney, or…

Unearthing Australia- Sydney!

Isn’t the city of Sydney synonymous to the ‘Opera House’? That was the intention while designing the iconic building, but little did Jorn Utzon know that his piece of architecture will overshadow the other features of the city. This post makes an effort to shift the attention to the other elements in and around Sydney…

Would I Really Want To Change History?

This is an argumentative opinion with oneself questioning the validity of events that have occurred and whether changing either one will affect the future.

Unearthing Australia- ‘The Loch And Gorge Shipwreck Fable’

Whilst on the Great Ocean Road, one will encounter a wide array of viewing points to the apostles and most of these destinations have a fable centered around them, one such fable being this. The validity of this fable I leave to your discretion, the deliverance of which I will do to the best of…