5 Ways That Will Help You Work Smarter

Dreams are a culmination of how you utilize your time. It all depends on your lifestyle choices- whether you want to binge-watch the latest series on Netflix or get some work in. So instead of complaining about not having time, here are some effective ways to carve out those extra hours during the day.

Factioning Satisfaction.

Imagine a scenario wherein everyone you know, is content with their current state of life, be it the colleague at work or the student at a university. Generally, one would associate these times to be filled with peace, satisfaction and general prosperity. If nobody wants to change anything, everything should be fine; at least that’s what the general notion is, but will reality be that harmonious?

Doing Nothing!

Almost from the time my conscious memory serves me, I had always been told to, ‘Do Something’- be it engaging in some sort of activity or listening to music. I could never just while away my time lazing around and watching the tele and me being naive, tried to abide by this ideology and everything…

Experimental Eclecticism?

The leaves of trees shed their leaves in a sense of experimental eclecticism, trying to put on a facade that inspires lost souls like ourselves, only to remind us how mortal we are. We age and we ripen much akin an apple, only to start degrading once again. It is nature that provides us a…