A Foodies Handbook: Edition Turkey!

The Bosphorus divides Turkey into two halves; the European side and the Asian side. Both have distinct characteristics in terms of architecture, landscaping and cultural traits but their food is that cohesive element that holds the country together.
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Foodyatra: The Charm Of Old Delhi During Ramadan.

We took to the streets of Old Delhi at 7:45 pm and as expected, we were greeted by a cacophony of horns; the labyrinth of narrow streets teeming with families and tourists. A first of its kind for me, the diverse variety of street food that was on offer was truly remarkable.
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Duration: 83 minutes IMDB Rating: 7.7 Released: 2013 Genre: Documentary, Biography, Drama Directed By: John Maloof, Charlie Siskel Source In today’s day and age, professional photography has become a full fledged profession. Fields such as street photography and travel photography, which are essentially subsets of the former, have not only gained emphasis but also a substantial increase in the niche audience. The year 2013 saw the production of a documentary that shed light on the works of Vivian Maier. A nanny by profession, Vivian was an avid photographer but the brevity of her works was unknown to those around her- … Continue reading F I N D I N G V I V I A N

The Temple Architecture Of Bishnupur, West Bengal.

Located in West Bengal, Bishnupur is a village which is rich in terms of temple architecture and has been documented extensively by historians, architects as well as archeologists. This village in the Bankura District has numerous temples scattered all across it, terracotta being the main component of building construction. Continue reading The Temple Architecture Of Bishnupur, West Bengal.


‘We wander for distraction, but we travel for fulfillment.’ The blue domes of Santorini are a regular feature across the spread of the top travel magazines and surely are at the top of any travelers top destinations. But, reading about the place and surfing through its images is one thing, being physically present in the city to witness its charm is another. Why Blue And White? The iconic white and blue colors of the buildings in the Aegean islands are symbolic of the Greek flag, well at least that is the obvious assumption one would be most likely to make. … Continue reading Santorini!