‘We wander for distraction, but we travel for fulfillment.’ The blue domes of Santorini are a regular feature across the spread of the top travel magazines and surely are at the top of any travelers top destinations. But, reading about the place and surfing through its images is one thing, being physically present in the city to witness its charm is another. Why Blue And White? The iconic white and blue colors of the buildings in the Aegean islands are symbolic of the Greek flag, well at least that is the obvious assumption one would be most likely to make. … Continue reading Santorini!

Book Review- ‘Exit West’

All over the world, doors are appearing.
They lead to other cities, other countries, other lives.

And in a city gripped by war, Nadia and Saeed are newly in love.
Hardly more than strangers, desperate to survive, they open a door and step through.

But the doors only go one way. 
Once you leave, there is no going back Continue reading Book Review- ‘Exit West’