Should Gambling Be Legalised In India?

One care argue that the Mahabharata was a result of a rushed decision by the Pandavas and has for centuries biased our thinking of the same. Read on to find out more!

Begging- A Social Problem In India?

Begging. It is one the social ills that our country has had to face because of its unprecedented rise in population over the past decade and subsequently a lack of job opportunities. All of this collectively adds up and a majority of the population resort to ‘begging’ in order to sustain themselves.

The World Is Not Monochromatic: It Is A Spectrum Of Grey!

In the everyday world, morality often leads us to believe that there are only two definitive choices that we can resort to when faced with a problem, ‘This’ or ‘That’ and something along the lines. Why haven’t we ever questioned the authenticity and morality of these generic terms that have formed the foundations of our…