Food All The Way!

I’m happily committed to food, are you? Read on to find out more!

Social Experiment- Picaption!

Would a particular photograph act as the stimulus to a similar set of reactions in others, in comparison to that experienced by myself? And if there is a variation, how will it affect the view points of all the others who are engaged in the same activity.

Is Aesthetic Superseding Functionality In Today’s Time?

Great web design without functionality is like a sports car without an engine. -Paul Cookson It has been a long lasting debate as to whether we as individuals give more emphasis to luxury rather than necessity? Many psychologists have pursued interest in this matter and have forged many theories, one of the more famous ones…

Yesterday’s Shadow Cast On Today.

The harsh rays of the sun had always caused her to give in to her temptations, at least that was what was said about her. Her endless flowing streaks resembled the soot on the face of a coal mine worker, her eyes all too soft for her sharp jawline. Sunaina was revered by the residents…

Factioning Satisfaction.

Imagine a scenario wherein everyone you know, is content with their current state of life, be it the colleague at work or the student at a university. Generally, one would associate these times to be filled with peace, satisfaction and general prosperity. If nobody wants to change anything, everything should be fine; at least that’s what the general notion is, but will reality be that harmonious?

Reminiscing The Year!

Our friend here lacks the confidence she needs to pursue her passion for writing and perhaps this could be a start of great things to come. Here is a glimpse of her works and do appreciate our aspiring writer here! With the rising and setting sun rays, How beautiful have been these days, Happiness and…

The World Is Not Monochromatic: It Is A Spectrum Of Grey!

In the everyday world, morality often leads us to believe that there are only two definitive choices that we can resort to when faced with a problem, ‘This’ or ‘That’ and something along the lines. Why haven’t we ever questioned the authenticity and morality of these generic terms that have formed the foundations of our…

Procrastination- Why Do We Do It?

Humans are hardwired of sorts to fall victim to this vicious activity, but have we thought enough about there being reasons as to why we so often do this?

Food Around The World!

Humans have a knack of being extremely nosy in everybody’s business, but my travel experience has made me realize that we are hardwired to being even bigger foodies. No matter where you travel, be it some leading city of the world or some small town, everyone is unified by cuisine! As I have mentioned in…

Religion: Middle Ground between Atheists and Agnostics.

“Rational arguments don’t usually work on religious people. Otherwise there would be no religious people.”                                     Religion is a very abstract word or rather an opinion; for some it is the rigorous following of traditions and beliefs and for the others it has simply become an obligation, something that has been imposed upon by…